Top 10 Cube Gadget


The new tend in gadget design is the cube gadget. The cube gadget takes the exist technology and put it into a small, portable cube design. The gadget cube is used for a variety of uses like Bluetooth, speakers, camera, audio and more… Discover the Top 10 Cube Gadget of this year.

BT Mobile Bluetooth

BT Mobile Bluetooth V4.0 Sound-System

This amazing Mobile Bluetooth device is for people who are fond of the powerful sound system not only for their laptop but also for Smartphone and tablets. It has the rechargeable battery up to 12 hours. From connecting to Wi-Fi, taking a photo, turning on Bluetooth, it offers unlimited features.

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Sugar Cube

sugar cube speaker

If you are looking for the portable speaker with wireless Bluetooth, sugar cube is the best option to avail. It has high quality tones, 6 to 8 hours playtime powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery and amazing connection range of 33 feet. The 2 foot pickup range of built in microphone allows the speaker to double as a speaker phone.

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Polaroid Cube

polaroid cube

Polaroid cube is the tiny lifestyle video action camera with so many endless features. It has 124 degree wide angle lens that help capture big scenes with high quality results. It is the cutest lifestyle action camera that comes in tiny cubic package. The 6MP CMOS sensor gives high quality images. The built in rechargeable battery records 90 minutes per charge.

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iHome IBT16LEX

iHome is the Bluetooth, Rechargeable Mini Speaker Cube, which enable users to send digital audio wirelessly to your iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. It has a rechargeable battery. You can use a single speaker for mono sound and multiple speakers for wall of sound. It is specifically designed for providing users the highest quality sound system. You can get the depth, clarity and power in single speaker.

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Cube Streaming

CUBE Streaming

CUBE Streaming Display for Social Media helps users to display real time and high quality videos and photos from Instagram. It has an easy touch screen navigation which allows users to view up to sixteen images at one time. It is easily connectible to Wi-Fi and Instagram to deliver photos or videos. It lets you connect and print devices by USB cable.

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Satechi Audio Cube

Satechi Audio Cube

Satechi Audio Cube is the compact Bluetooth speaker system that combines the features of audio performance and portable design. It connects wirelessly to notebook, tablet and Smartphone that allows you to listen to your favorite music in high quality. As it is wireless, it is portable as your phone and so you can carry it around your home and office. It also has long lasting lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

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VuPoint Wi-Fi Photo Cube

VuPoint Wi-Fi Photo Cube

VuPoint Solutions Photo Cube is the portable print with high quality images delivered by it. The product has high ranking and high selling. It supports PictBridge cameras as well as Apple and Android devices. It enabled wireless as well as wired connections.

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The Wonder cube

the wondercube

If you are frustrated with carrying a number of accessories with you while you go outside, then purchase the wonder cube. It is very tiny cube, but carries all the accessories in one cube. It is small in size but big in functionality with built in cable, charge, phone stand, USB, LED torch and so many features. It’s durable and compact.

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Magic Power Cube

halo charger

Magic Power Cube has all in features. It has a wall and car charger with micro USB cable and connector adapter that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android and Samsung devices. If you have this device, you don’t have to worry about carrying the mobile accessories with you.

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iCODIS is the mini projector

iCODIS is the mini projector with a Native HD resolution, 30000 hour lamp life, and a 3D playback. The key feature of this device is its brightness which delivers crystal clear images. It allows excellent 3D playback and it allows best quality images with mobile projector. It has dual USB and android TV that allows CB-300W to connect to any of the devices.